Stand on the shoulder of Giants

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This article is written to build a base to help earn online. If you have ever been to scientific industry you must be very much familiar to google scholar. It revolutionized the access of scientific publications online. Of course it got the wide user access of google behind its huge popularity. Google scholar has a tagline on its home page “Stand on the shoulder of giants”. No, they don’t say that they are the giants in the field and scientists/researchers should sign up an account, so that they can access all the publications available to google scholar. No definitely not, after all there is a huge prudent think tank behind that product, how can they make such egoistic tagline on their homepage. They say, it’s a quote of Sir Isaac Newton. They explain that it’s not they who are the giants but those who have already put the efforts to do some research and found out something and published already, are the giants. Researchers, who have published are the giants and google scholar encourages to stand on shoulder of those giants means, to apply what they have already learnt and published so that new researchers can see a broader perspectives and not keep on doing what has already been done over years.

So why today’s article is talking about google scholar, which has no relevance with online earning. First, I wanted to make a point that you should not do same things over and over again which has already been established, meaning unnecessary research. Second, to solidify my first point I wanted to quote a well known platform and being from scientific industry, Google Scholar was first to hit my mind.

This article only intends to forbade you from unnecessary wandering on internet for online earning, so that you can get time to find your own reasons as I found mine to earn online. This rule will save you a huge time in your journey of financial freedom.

I wish you great success making money online.
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