Basic Requirements to Earn Online

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Have you ever pushed yourself to a project because you knew that it was worth it. It was worth to go through the pain to understand the focal and peripheral realms of your projects. To remain awake all night and repeat those things in your mind so that you won’t have to remember those difficult things when needed, instead they come in your habit naturally. Well I did that and that pays in long term. To earn online you need not push yourself that hard, just follow simple rule that you have to do it daily without fail. 30 min a day can change your life.

Just like any other work, earning online has some requirement as –

  1. Computer-

    I hope everyone has this thing today. A desktop or laptop. Well, If you don’t have, you need not spend you money to buy a new/second hand computer/laptop which is very expensive. I suggest you to buy a rasberry pi which is a very low priced but efficient computer. I will also try to provide an article how to use a rasberry pi. Click below image for rasberry pi.

  2. Working internet-

    A good broadband is needed to earn online. If you don’t have, just google “broadband providers in your place. Also talk to your neighboring area to find out the best broadband provider. Here best means in terms of money vs speed. Call them and find out the plans. If there is no broadband provider in your area then the best option is to get a dongle and put your mobile sim card with internet plan.

    • Your online working account’s security is compromised.

    • Only one user can register from one ip address. If someone else in future uses the same computer you used in cyber cafe, to create same account on same website, both of yours’ account will be suspended.

    • You can’t work at your chosen time.

    • At the end of month, you may be paying same amount or even more, than paying to a broadband home connection.

  3. Online payment account-

    Money from websites you earn online, doesn’t directly gets transferred to your bank account as it attracts huge fees for every transaction. For this, websites need online payment accounts which work as a mediator between you and those sites. This is for our benefit only. Popular one’s are paypal, payoneer, payza, skrill. You can go and register an account on any. If help needed, relevant articles are on the way.

  4. Bank account-

    A bank account is necessary to earn online. Online transaction accounts need bank account details, so If you don’t have, get it opened. As per RBI guidelines, a pancard is mandatory to open a bank account in India, so if you don’t have it, get that first.

  5. A plan-

    I hope you know how to follow a plan. if not, pause and read the article Why some people don’t make money online. You will learn to make and follow a plan. Here on this website you will get a plan to earn online. You just have to follow them religiously. It’s all about commitment to yourself.

  6. Motivation-

    This is something intangible, so you need to work in this. If you get frustrated or exhausted or demotivated don’t hesitate to watch some inspiring video on youtube. In any case my article will be suffice to keep you motivated so please subscribe this website with your email and get informed as soon as a new article is published.

  7. Patience

    Earning online is not a quick get rich scheme. It takes time to see those five digit figures in your account. If you give up easily, you need to deal with this thing alone. The easiest way I can help you with patience is that, work those 30 min a day and forget that you did something. Next day again do that 30min and forget. Do this until you reach a milestone mentioned in the plan.

  8. I wish you great success making money online.

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