10 Reasons Why Some People Don’t Make Money Online

fundsbase Why Some People Don't Make money online

Have you ever sat in silence in a corner of your home? Complete silence inside you. No i’m not talking about meditation. Nah definitely not. I want you to ask yourself whether you have ever listened yourself or the sounds from outside override yours. So why I am asking this question? This article relates to money and not your inner sounds, right? Because it’s very important for you to understand that you are going to do something new and your inner world should know about this. There is your subconscious which secretly registers everything you do. This applies to your philosophies as well, which results the money you make.

I presume you know Why I chose to earn online and have found out your reasons to make money as well and dig out whether you fall in any of the five categories which can hinder your online money making possibilities. Now that you are well set to go, let’s just understand about people who don’t make money online. There are several reasons for their failure which I have tried my best to filter out to 10 categories.

1) Think it requires to be a geek

If you can push the power button (on/off) of your cpu, laptop or smartphone, you can earn online, believe me. Some people think that it requires lot of technical knowledge to earn online so they keep on struggling with jargon too much that they never dare to think to proceed to convert that computer in money making machine. It’s your computer and you will not do any crime or any mistake ever, if you just follow the basic rules. So the readers out there who have never started because they thought that it’s too technical should be relaxed and follow my next articles.

2) Don’t believe it can happen

The pessimists, not really I should say. They are probably the extra cautious ones who have read about online scams and fraudsters and they have hard earned money with them. I categorize them as wise and not pessimist. The only thing is that they have not seen the other side of the picture or should I say no one shown them. For these wise, I want to say that most of the possibilities you will see online in my article will not require your money. They will be completely investment free so you need not worry about your hard earned cash. Secondly, all the ways I provide will be legitimate and tested over years. So just start doing it and when it happens one day you will start believing it.

3) Don’t know what to do   

Here the most intelligent persons reside. Yes, the ones who know they have the caliber but they really don’t know what to do or where to start in order to utilize that caliber. If you find yourself under this category you have stumbled to right place. I know that you are capable to do anything you focus on, and have done good in past. You are definitely not a parasite. Let the world judge, interpret you and blabber about you. Keep on following the ways I show, with all the caliber you got and you will get success.

4) Don’t have a reason to earn money

A reason motivates you to do something. People start and stop, which leads to failure after sometime because they don’t have a hammering reason. If you too don’t have a reason to earn money, pause yourself on this article, read why  I chose to earn online and Why you should earn online then come back and resume this article.

Now that you are back and have got a very solid reason, you are not going to fail. That reason will not let you fail.

5) Don’t have a plan

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but some people assume that it did and they eventually fail. If you also don’t have a habit to plan and follow the plan I strongly advise as your friend to develop it by doing your daily activity at a specific time. Start it by getting up at a specific time. For those who can follow a plan, I will give you a solid plan to earn online.

6) Tire themselves too much at startup

Lots of reading with no application is a perfect recipe of failure. Most people browse all sites for online earning and start working with all of them. They do more than they can handle at a time, which leads them to boredom and then to dead enthusiasm. Follow steps given on this site and your enthusiasm will never die. You will get success.

7) Distractions   

Everyone gets distracted at some point of time in life and some do pay high price for that distraction (I did…). If you are willing to earn online you need to stay away from the habit to visit googled pages regarding earning online everyday. You do research couple of days, find something, apply that thing first then go for another research. Only applications can reduce your distractions.

8) Compare their startups with established one’s

Everyone does that comparison thing. It’s not bad. It keeps you on track and you progress steadily. But some people who have are just the beginners in the field, if compare themselves with tycoons, it won’t be wise.  In fact this habit can break down the self-esteem and one will not think good about himself. This is a suicidal condition and is a huge barrier in online income. In one sentence don’t compare your one month’s effort with someone’s years’ effort.

9) Need a shortcut for everything

These people really mess things up. They find shortcuts because may be one day a shortcut on the road had brought them home early. But that doesn’t apply with success, right? There is no shortcut to success. As wise say “When nothing works, follow the rules 🙂

10) Can’t accept failures

These people want to rule everywhere, they want to win everything. But that is not the real world scenario. Every successful person gets failed but those successful know that getting failures is actually part of a process to succeed. Failure teaches you how success can’t be achieved. In online earning field very less people fail, if they follow the plans and have patience. You may get success a bit later but you definitely will.

I wish you great success making money online.
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