How to Use Raspberry Pi, If You Don’t Own A Computer

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I never thought that once the lunch box, I used to take to my school, will be able to accommodate a full fledged computer as well. Thanks to the technology advancement that Raspberry Pi foundation has invented Raspberry Pi.

It’s a complete computer that was initially developed in United Kingdom by Raspberry Pi foundation, for teaching purpose of basic computer technology to students. Later, it went so popular among the techies and enthusiasts that it grabbed number one selling computer in UK.

In my article basic requirements to earn online I suggested to get a Raspberry Pi, if you don’t own your own computer at home. But first, have you found your own reasons to earn online as I found mine, so that you can achieve the financial freedom by standing on the shoulder of giants.

Do you know why you should not earn online and why some people don’t make money online. These two articles will help you to keep yourself on the track while you are earning online money.

Own computer is a very basic requirement to earn money online. If you don’t have your own computer at home, then you need to have five things to start up with-

  1. Raspberry Pi motherboard
  2. Monitor
  3. Keyboard & mouse
  4. An SD card at least 8 gb
  5. An operating system
        1. Raspberry Pi motherborad-

          You can buy a Raspberry Pi, in case you are not able to start earning online money because you don’t have your own computer at home. You don’t have to buy an expensive desktop/laptop to start. Click the image below.

        2. Monitor (for display)-

          A display is needed with Raspberry Pi such as you have with your CPU. See if you can get a cheap second hand monitor somewhere. If not, click the image below for monitor. It’s also very affordable.

        3. Keyboard & Mouse

          To operate Raspberry Pi, you also need to have a keyboard & a mouse. Use If you have any spare of them. If you can’t get it from anywhere click the image below.

        4. SD card-

          Raspberry pi is a motherboard and it doesn’t have a harddisk. In order to put it working we need an operating system and that operating system (detailed below) works from a physical memory, just as a hard disk on a computer. Minimum 8 gb SD card is used to get Raspberry Pi started up.
          Click on the image below to find one.

        5. Operating system-

      I suppose you use windows on your computer and not familiar with linux distributions. Also, you must have listened that linux is very difficult and completely command based with a windows DOS like screen. That days are gone and today linux distributions are much better than that windows you have been using all life.
      Its even much simpler than windows and very light on system resources. So linux computer doesn’t hang as windows’ does.The best part, despite being better than windows, linux distributions are completely free and open source. Thanks to Linus Benedict Torvalds for developing linux kernel.

      This article is written on a linux distribution named LinuxMint and I must say it’s awesome. I mentioned it because it deserves to be mentioned.

      Raspberry pi works with Raspbian (a linux distribution) which is very easy to install and use, just like you use your windows. You can get it from their official site. It’ completely free as any of the linux distributions.

So what are you waiting for!

I wish you great success making money online.

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