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This article presumes that you have not heard of Paid To Click sites (PTC sites). Even if you have heard about them, you have not given a try due to various reasons.

Before moving ahead, make sure that you have all the basic requirements to earn money online. Also, how to use Raspberry Pi, if you don’t have your own computer at home. Have you got your suitable internet connection and an online payment account?.

Why you should know about PTC sites

PTC sites are the most popular medium on internet to earn money. The main reason being so popular is that these sites require neither any investment nor any specific skill to start earning. If you are looking some extra money in your pocket then PTC sites are the best to start with.

Who can join PTC sites

Housewifes, Student, Professionals, Retired persons, unemployed persons the list is endless. To be specific, anyone can join PTC sites. It doesn’t require any specific skill.

What are PTC sites

PTC sites give you money by showing some advertisement on their site. These ads’ duration vary from 5sec to 1min. Those ads are provided to PTC sites by different advertisers. These advertisers pay some money to PTC sites. Then PTC sites give the user (you) a part of advertiser’s amount for viewing the ad. It’s that simple.

How PTC sites pay

As mentioned in basic requirements to earn online, you need to have an online payment account. This online payment account is used to withdraw money from PTC sites.

There is a withdrawal threshold on every PTC site,  means you can’t withdraw your earning until you reach that threshold. These threshold are for your benefit only. If they allow you to withdraw money before that threshold you (as well as website owner) may lose more money paying online transaction fee than what you earn.

Why you should try PTC sites

  1. You can spare 15 min online
  2. You need some extra money
  3. You love exploring internet
  4. You have lost lots of money in various money making schemes
  5. You like genuine earning ways

Why you should not try PTC sites

  1. You don’t have patience
  2. Your parents are rich and your are satisfied with that
  3. You like quick get rich schemes
  4. You can’t make and follow a plan
  5. You are satisfied with whatever you are earning

What you should do?

First get an online payment account, in case you don’t have any.> If you need any help to find out the suitable one this article may help you in this direction.


Below two genuine sites are given. Both of these are completely legitimate and have a very good record of paying over years. 

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1) NeoBux

Click here or below image to get started.



2) Clixsense

Click here or below image to get started.


Just 15 min a day can change your life.


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I wish you great success making money online.

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