A Practical Plan To Earn Online As A Startup

A Practical Plan To Earn Online As A Startup - fundsbase.com

If you have landed on this page, you definitely want to earn money using internet but may be have no idea where to start or what to do. Internet has something for everyone and you can not be an exception my friend. This article will give you a practical plan to earn online as a start up.

Whatever you have been reading/hearing around on internet about the six digit income of others is all true but it requires some time.

Go through this article word by word, try to digest and apply. You will definitely get success.

The Reasons

To get started making money using internet, you have to be very clear why you want to earn money. This is not applicable only if you want to earn money online but refers to offline as well. That reason will lead you to earn money without losing your enthusiasm. Take out a pen and paper and write down every reason that comes in your mind and then filter out only the major 3-5. Write down these reasons on a paper. If you need any help to find out your reasons, this article will definitely help you as it helped me to find my reasons to earn online.

Have you ever started a project or work and didn’t end? Did you introspect why you couldn’t complete that project. Here this article will also help you why you should not earn online. If you see yourself resembling to any reason of the article and are willing to rectify it because you really want to earn move ahead to the article 10 reasons why people don’t make money online. The reason to read this article is not to make the same mistakes as the persons who fail, make. This is a highly recommended article.


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Basic Requirements

Now let’s move to basic requirements to earn money using internet. You will need –

  1. A computer
  2. A broadband internet
  3. Online payment account
  4. Bank account

I hope you have a computer at home. If its is a shared one, I suggest you to get a personal one. No, you need not spend huge amount for new computers. If you have not listened about Raspberry Pi, go through my article and understand how you can use Raspberry Pi, if you don’t have your own computer.

In case you don’t have an internet connection please go through the article which internet you should choose to work online. If you have an internet connection make sure that no one else is using in your home, to sign up on the same websites as you are.

Open an online payment account. These accounts help receiving overseas money. You can open any online payment account you want. Most popular are mentioned in various payment methods to receive money online.

For your ease you can read comparison between paypal and payoneer

  • sign up with Paypal
  • Sign up with payoneer


Now that you are all set let’s see how you will go ahead.

The Practical Plan

1) A fixed time

Depending on your employment status and time availability you have to find only window of maximum 30 min a day. Yes my friend, just 30 min a day can change your life. The only plan is that 30 min should be fixed and not variable. This fixed timing is for your own benefit only because you will be working on websites whose data change according to their time zone. So you may miss a lot with your varying time. 

2) Don’t do too much in start

As popular saying, take small steps as amateur, take the leap when pro. Same goes here too. At start, register on some websites only. See, how you are managing your time. How you are doing? Then increase numbers. If you register lots of sites in start you will lose the enthusiasm.

3) Do experiments

Don’t keep on applying all what is said even if you don’t get results (it rarely happens). If you don’t see the expected result in said time, don’t hesitate to mix-in or opt-out something until you get the expected result.

4) Patience

Earning with internet takes time. But when it gives, you will be more than happy. If you don’t have patience develop it. If you don’t know how to develop it please read my article basic requirement to earn online.

Patience will be the major key whether you will earn online or not.

I wish you great success making money online.

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