Paypal Online Payment Processor is No More Recommended

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If you are new with the term make money online or you haven’t got success previously to earn money using internet, then you should first find out your reasons to earn online as I found mine.

Do you know what are the basic requirements to earn online? You can also use Raspberry Pi in case you don’t have your own computer at home to earn money online. It is also very important to find the type of internet which suits your needs.

How payment is done

Now that you are a member of Neobux and Clixsense you are aware that these sites (and almost all sites which pay online) need an online payment processor to pay you. These payment processor work as a mediator between you and the sites, which reduces the huge transaction fee.

Paypal online payment processor

Paypal (Paypal holdings Inc.) is an American company launched in December 1998.

It operates worldwide offering an e-commerce platform to merchants and individuals. Paypal had established itself as a very popular payment processor for online earning due to its marketing strategies, availability on almost every site and various facilities provided to users.

Why paypal was recommended

  1. It was easy receiving and sending money via paypal overseas.
  2. Paypal security for money is good.
  3. Availability on almost every website
  4. Online shopping via paypal (Except some countries)
  5. Good customer care

Why paypal is no more recommended

Recently a lot has changed due to the change in terms of service of paypal and some other reasons.

Fundsbase no more recommends Paypal as an online payment processor while earning money using internet. Some of the very major reasons are listed below.

  1. Paypal has terminated PTC sites’ accounts. You can’t receive money from Paid to click sites via paypal.
  2. Paypal holds some transactions without any proper reason, for days.
  3. It has high fee in comparison to other processors.
  4. It takes more days for transaction
  5. Customer care don’t provide specific answers..

Which processor to choose

For many years paypal has ruled (almost) in the field of online payment processors. Recent changes in their terms of service has resulted in termination of PTC sites’ account. Due to this reason users are inclined towards exploring other processors.

Also termination of PTC sites’ account has also given rise to a question about the continuity of account of other payment sites’ registered with paypal. These sites include but not limited to advertising accounts, blogging accounts, freelancing accounts.

Which payment processor to choose is completely dependent on the country you reside and on which site you want to earn. Most popular online payment processor are listed here.

In India you can go ahead with Payoneer along with some other payment processors. This recommendation is applicable to present scenario only (2017) and it may change with time.

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