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Payoneer provides its services in financial sector for online funds transfer and e-commerce payments. This article describes about payoneer registration.

This article focuses on how to open payoneer account, how to login payoneer, payoneer customer service and how you can get from payoneer free 25$.

In previous post I mentioned some online payment methods. This post onward I am giving some detail to those methods




How to open payoneer account-

Go to payoneer website  to start payoneer registration process.


payoneer registration

On this page click the signup button to start payoneer account sign up process. 

payoneer registration

Enter your name, email, and date of birth and click Next.


payoneer registration fundsbase

On this page enter your address, city, postal code and mobile number and then click Next.

payoneer registration fundsbase

Enter your password, select your security question and its answer and click Next.


payoneer registration fundsbase

On this page enter your bank account details, PAN no. and click Next.


payoneer registration fundsbase

You are done. Your application will be reviewed and as soon as your account is approved you can start receiving and sending the money.


payoneer registration fundsbase

Once your account is approved login to your payoneer account.


payoneer registration fundsbase

At first login you need to update your security questions.


payoneer registration fundsbase

After that you need to enter the purpose code. Select the appropriate one.


payoneer registration fundsbase

Now you have login payoneer home page that shows your account on payoneer.

There is a payoneer signup bonus of $25 as well but you get it only after your 100$ transaction (including send receive both).




Now let’s see where is payoneer located? Payoneer address is New York, NY United States. It’s was founded in 2005 by then CEO Yuval Tal who is currently the founder and current CEO is Scott Galit.


If you have any query regarding payoneer there is a payoneer contact email page at –


You can drop your message over there.

Payoneer live chat option is also provided on same page. Live chat payoneer option is available to registered persons only.

Payoneer also provides prepaid mastercard. In India due to Reserve Bank of India (RBI) regulations it has not been implemented.

Payoneer is a great service to get started up with.

I wish you great success making money online.

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