Neobux Strategy Without Investment

neobux earning strategy without any investment

Every earning opportunity requires a strategy. Whether it be a job or business. You as a user should be well aware of Neobux strategy so that you can make profit. In other words earn on Neobux not lose. This article provides Neobux strategy without investment for beginners as well as for those who are not earning.

Neobux Paid to Click Site

Neobux is the most genuine and one of the highest paying PTC site which has introduced innovative terms and procedures which stands it out from the crowd. It is a paid to click site that really pay to its users. Its also one of the highest paying ptc sites without investment. With neobux you can actually earn money from home.

Neobux was started by a Portugal guy who was cheated by a PTC site and he wanted to prove that earning is possible with genuine methods and a legit PTC site can be established. This thought gave birth to Neobux. To know more about Neobux read Neobux PTC site.

With Neobux you just need to give 5 min a day. Those who are earning on NeoBux are really serious with what they are doing and they know the importance of those 5 min.

If you are also serious to do make money online stop running all over the internet seeking what can give you money. Neobux is your first and great solution you are having right now.

So first things first.

If you have not joined the most legit earning site click here and be a part of the community which is earning real genuine money by following simple strategy.

Now that you have signed up and seriously decided to earn, I suggest you to read the Terms of Service, for two reasons. First while signing up you have agreed to these terms of service so you should know what you have agreed to. Second Neobux takes its ToS very seriously. As it itself is a genuine site, it wants its users to be the same.

Any silly mistake knowingly or unknowingly may lead to your account termination. Yes they mean it and they do that.

If you don’t have time to read the whole article on Terms of Service you can bookmark to read in future. But make sure you read and understand all the ToS.

From here I presume that you know how to start earning on Neobux as this article is focussed on the strategy. If you want to learn how to earn your first few dollars read this article.

Before moving ahead to the strategy let’s have a look to some terms you should know as a Neobux user.

Rented Referral (RR)

Neobux has introduced a possibility to increase your income by renting referrals. You pay Neobux an amount and based on the amount, neobux rent out referrals for that time frame. You have to renew those rented referrals (RR) before their expiry date.

In case you let any RR expire you will have to pay a fee to Neobux for letting the RR expire.

Pricing details can be found in below image.

Neobux Strategy - fundsbase


This one is another innovative idea implemented by Neobux. If you switch on Autopay on Neobux then whenever your rental referral clicks his/her first ad, his expiry date is extended one more day. Their renewal is done automatically by deducting from their credited clicks to you. This deduction is done automatically. The day they don’t click you don’t pay.

You save 15% through Autopay.

Autopay works for the RR who have more than 20 days left. Means that if a RR is having 19 days remaining, Autopay won’t work on him/her.


Remember that you need to renew your rental referrals before they expire. Neobux provides discount plans for renewing the rented referrals.

See below image to understand these discounts.

Neobux strategy -

I suggest that you should always go for 240 days renewal. In case it is not possible use Autopay. But if you follow this strategy you will always use the 240 day renewal.


RR are also humans. Sometimes they will not click as expected and drove you in loss. When you find such referrals, you can recycle them for $0.07.

Neobux offers 14 day auto-recycle for the rented referral who don’t click for 14 days. This recycling is done free of cost by Neobux.


For every ad you see, you get 4 Adprize chances. These are just like lottery. You can win points, money and even golden membership for one year.

Mini Jobs

These are great source to earn money on Neobux so that you can rent more referrals. This will be the main course for those who can not invest in Neobux.

Crowdflower provides mini jobs in Neobux which are very simple tasks varying from but not limited to locating some names, addresses on websites, finding correct authors, categorizing products etc. You can locate mini jobs in offers drop down.

For every task you earn predetermined money.

For every $1 you earn from task Neobux gives 15% bonus. Means when you earn $1 you get $0.15 extra from Neobux giving you total $1.15.

Standard Membership

When you sign up you become standard member. This is the basic step in Neobux with minimum earning opportunities.


Golden Membership

This costs $90 for one year.

Ultimate membership

This costs $890 for one year.

Neobux Strategy Without Investment

Let’s see how you can maximize your earning possibilities with Neobux by following a simple strategy.

You just have to follow the plan rest will be take care by Neobux.

So now you know that renting three referral cost $0.6 for 30 days. See image in Rented Referral section discussed above.

Renewing 1 RR for 240 days require $1.12. Renewing all 3 RR for 240 days require $3.36


3 x 1.12 = $3.36

So total you need

0.6 + 3.36 = $3.96


How will you get this $3.96?

Here comes Mini jobs in picture. Go to mini jobs and find the one that suits you. Go ahead and make a goal to earn $3.96.

Neobux offers 15% bonus when you earn $1 with mini jobs. Means when you earn $1 you get $1.15.

Feeling happy!

Go ahead.

That will not take too long. It will take most of most two days, if you are really very lazy.

Now that you have earned $3.96 you are eligible to earn 3 RR.


To do this click your user name, then on left side bar click summary then Referrals


Neobux Strategy without investment


You need to transfer $3.96 to your rental balance. So add funds from your main balance.

Then click on the 3 highlighted in blue to rent 3 RR.

See below image to process above two steps.

Neobux Strategy without investment


After renting these 3 referrals you can not miss a single day to click your ads.

As per Neobux ToS, you will be credited for your RR clicks if you had clicked your ads the previous day.


When your RR clicks an ad you get $0.005

After clicking your ads don’t forget to click on Adprize button and see all the ads it shows. You can win points, Money and even golden membership.


Now do more mini jobs so that you can get more money to rent more RR.

And you also know that your RR are also contributing towards your earning.


Get 10 RR for $2 (You already have 3 RR)

Make sure that you have $13.2

$2 to rent 10 RR

10 (RR) x 1.12 = 11.2 (renew 240 days)

2 + 11.2 = $13.2


Get 50 RR for $10 (You already have 13 RR)

Make sure that you have account balance of $66

$ 10 to rent 50 RR

50 (RR) x 1.12 (renew) = $56

10 + 56 = $66


Get 100 RR for $20 (You already have 63 RR)

Make sure you have $132.

$20 to rent 100 RR

100 (RR) x 1.12 (renew) = $112


You have total 163 RR



  1. You are clicking all your ads everyday.
  2. Your 163 RR are contributing towards your earning
  3. You are doing mini job. Which is strengthening your balance.


Here you need to understand that the RR you are renting are rented for 30 days and you are already preparing your account in advance to rent them for 240 days, when they are about to expire.


Take your time doing mini jobs. Rent more and renew for 240 days. Do this until you get 300 RR.

This is the final limit for standard member and you can not rent beyond this figure.


After this figure you need to reach to Next Level that is Golden pack which costs $90 per year.


Getting $90 won’t take too much time, as you already have 300 RR.


But make sure that you keep some extra for renewing if some RR are about to expire.


With Golden membership your earnings get increased.

Have a look at the image below to understand the difference.

neobux strategy without investment -


Even now the process is same.

1) Click your own ads

2) Click Adprize

3) Do mini jobs

4) Rent refs for 240 days if possible


Rent RR until you reach the limit 2000 refs.


No it’s not easy, as it is not a quick get rich scheme, but it will pay you good amount in long run.


Finally when you reach $890, go for Ultimate membership. From this point onward you will realize that your hard word has started paying you very well.

At this stage you can pat your back for all the hard work you did.

You can go on a vacation

There are number of perks for an ultimate member.

Make sure you reach this stage.

Ultimate membership is the goal of every serious Neobux member.

Your first step is to join the community by clicking here

All the best for your online income.