Neobux Paid to Click Site

Neobux paid to click site

Are you already Neobux Paid to Click site member? If not, click here to become a part of one the most genuine paid to click site.

People who joined Neobux and give 5 min daily are persons who are serious with what they do. Just giving 5 min a day can bring a sweet smile to your wallet. Everyone has earned with Neobux and they know the importance of those 5 min. One day you will too. This article focusses on Neobux paid to click site, anything a new member should know.

There are no genuine quick get rich schemes. But scams do exist to destroy your money and precious time. The worst damage scams do, is that they take away your trust that you can make any real money online.

Read this article if-

  1. You had been cheated by any scam
  2. You need good income using internet by giving little time and no investment

In past, if you had tried Neobux and couldn’t make money that’s because you didn’t know about a simple strategy to maximize your earning without any investment. Sign up again and apply this strategy to get success.

What is a PTC

Paid to click site pays the user (you) to spend some time, per advertisement page shown by the website. This is the most popular method to earn money online. It just take 5 min per day and investment is not a prerequisite to earn. 

An advertiser wants to publicize his/her products to people. They use different ways for marketing. PTC site is also a medium for them. They pay PTC site some amount for their ads and users click those ads for pre-assigned time. After the time is completed user is rewarded with a portion of what advertiser has paid. When you watch television, you pay to see those ads. On PTC sites you get paid for watching those ads. So no skill is required. You just need to click and stop till the ads timer is completed and get paid.

PTC industry is filled with scams.

Many people have lost their invested money they used to upgrade their membership. Other lose the money they earned.

Due to these behavior PTC industry is seen as a scam.

But there are some sites who have proved that a legit PTC site can not only get itself establish but also it can make its users rich.

This article is about one of most legit PTC site known as NeoBux.

Who can start?

Anyone who owns his/her own computer with internet can start earning on paid to click sites. If you don’t have your own computer, read how to use a Raspberry Pi, if you don’t have your own computer at home.


Why You Should Use NeoBux Paid to Click Site?

Neobux changed the way people used to think about PTC sites. It innovated the process by adding instant payment, rented referrals and lot more.

Everyday more than 9000 members are registered on Neobux (real humans not bots) and approximately $100,000 is paid everyday. You can see this figure on Neobux homepage

Neobux Background

Fernando, the owner of Neobux started Neobux when he was cheated by a PTC site and didn’t receive the payment. Neobux was started in March 2008 in a pre-registration phase. He also started Instant payment which was not possible with any paid to click site and even today most of the paid to click sites don’t have this feature.

Fernando explains that a 10$ debt started the project, but Neobux wasn’t started for financial gain. It was started to prove that a legit PTC site can be made to create a difference.

Neobux is a European company born in Portugal thus has to abide by the strict European laws regarding business and till yet it has never violated any of them.

Company which owns Neobux is Neodev, Lda (see at the bottom left of page). Neobux has employees and it has a physical location. It is regularly enrolled in the Portugal Companies Register of the Aviz Trade Center. You can see the details here (search for Neodev)

Aviz trade center is located at Rua Do Engenheiro Ferreira Dias, 924 E10 Porto, Porto, 4100-246 Portugal.

Fernando is a geek who designed all the website himself. Today latest technology is implemented to prevent hackers manipulating the system. You can check here 

Why you should join NeoBux paid to click site

  1. You can give 5 min per day online
  2. You need some extra money
  3. You never earned on other PTC sites
  4. You have lost money in various money making schemes
  5. You like genuine earning ways

Why you should not join Neobux paid to click site

  1. You don’t have patience
  2. Your parents are rich and your are satisfied with that
  3. You like quick get rich schemes
  4. You can’t make and follow a plan
  5. You are satisfied with whatever you are earning

Now that you know about Neobux, read how you can start earning right away.

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Only 5 Min a Day

Yes! you only have to start with only 5 min a day to click the ads shown on you Neobux ad page.
Click here to get started.

If you give those 5 min daily one day you will realize the value of those 5 min.


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