Neobux Earning – How to get started

Neobux earning -

If you do not know the simple strategy for Neobux earning click here

Paid to Click Site

Paid to click sites (PTC) provide earning opportunity to users by displaying ads. Viewing these ads users (you) earn preassigned money for that ad. To know more about PTC sites visit PTC sites.

If you have ever thought to earn money from home or make money online without investment, PTC sites are the one you should start working with. They provide good online income and you earn money by clicking ads.

Neobux how to work -





Neobux Paid to Click SIte

Neobux is a very serious and innovative PTC site which has changed the way people used to see PTC sites. It is one of the oldest, most genuine and most profitable PTC site available presently.

How to start working with Neobux Paid to Click Site

To start working with Neobux first you need to register with Neobux. To do so click here or the image below.

Before registering on Neobux, make sure that you have


  1. Email id – Any of your preferred email id.
  2. Online transaction account – To know what online transaction account is read this article. Neobux offers payment through any of three transaction account viz. Payza, Skrill, NETELLER. So make sure that you have one of these online transaction account. It will take just a minute to register an account on any of these.
  3. User name – Yes, you need to have one. Make it a special one. It is going to make you rich.
  4. Password – Make it strong super strong. Although you can make a secondary password, make this one also strong. You can make secondary password in future.

Neobux Earning

Before moving ahead, it is highly recommended that you should read Terms of Service of Neobux. Reading this will keep you safe from making any silly mistake and getting your account and earnings taken away by Neobux.

Remember Neobux is a very serious PTC site. No fooling around. Just like you want it to pay you genuinely, it wants you to be genuine too. So ahead and read Neobux TOS first.

Now that you have read the ToS of Neobux, you are aware of what you should not do. Let’s move ahead.

On Neobux homepage you can see View advertisement tab.

Neobux how to work -

Click on it and you can see all the ads available to you as shown in the image below.

Neobux how to work -


Click anywhere in the first ad rectangle. Now you can see a red dot and a text that says “Click on the red dot”.

Neobux how to work -


Go ahead and click on the red dot. A new page opens. Let the Neobux take its time and display that you have earned $0.001. That’s it.



Now You have started your earning. Click all the ads on this page.

Make sure that you click everyday all the ads at almost same time.


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Neobux strategy to earn $20 a day is on the way.

It will take time but yes you will earn that amount.

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