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What clicked you when you heard this term for the first time in life? Try to remember it. I tell you, I read this term in 2006 and the theory behind this term was awesome. I was thrilled to hear a philosophy, which for me at that time seemed to be quite virtual. Of course virtual thrills, we all get thrilled by them. But later I started trying to make it a real thing.

For those who have read this term for first time I would like to take you to an imaginary world. Imagine yourself as a person who is reading a novel and read about a smartphone in a very decorative fashion. You liked the design and functions of that smartphone you just read in a novel and loved it. What you did next was, opened your laptop and placed an order for that extraordinary smartphone priced in 5 digit figure. Got a bit of idea regarding financial freedom. I’ll give you a real world example. I was browsing my twitter handle and reading as usually I do. One tweet I want to share. A businessman of India (name is not necessary) tweeted very casually that he liked model of a car (that car is a well known international brand) and some person replied to his tweet “If you liked it, why don’t you buy that car?”, in a month probably, that businessman replied to that guy’s tweet “bought the company instead.” name of that businessman and that car company are irrelevant, as they may dilute the objective of this article. This is just a basic idea of financial freedom.
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How much you are making every month? If your income sources die instantly how much years will you be able to survive with your family, with the money left in your bank account? Can you just buy anything you want or you have to check you bank balance first.

So what is the idea behind writing this article? The idea is that you should know what you can do after following simple rules of online earning and not get distracted. Do you know why I chose to earn online and have you written down your own reasons somewhere. Are you aware why some people fail to earn online and you need to get rid of somethings to earn online.

Online earning is not a quick get rich scheme. Applying very simple rules with clear objective can let you have the taste of financial freedom, and I have given just an idea above.

I wish you all great success earning online.

I wish you great success making money online.
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