Which Internet You Should Choose To Earn Money Online

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Now that you are all set up with your basic infrastructure to earn money online and have got a Raspberry Pi, in case you don’t have your own computer at home.

Let’s move towards the next step i.e. which internet you should choose. I will not focus which internet provider you should choose. For choosing suitable internet provider in your specific area you can talk locally with your friends. Then find out which provides the best service regarding money vs speed.

This article will outline what type of internet you should choose.

You can use Internet in either of two ways-

  1. Wired connection
  2. Wireless

The choice is completely yours. But today when everyone is also using a smartphone it’s wise to use a wireless internet so that you don’t have to spend extra money on your mobile internet pack separately.

Almost every broadband internet connection will be brought (exceptions are there) to your home, then to the modem through a wire. After that you have to choose whether you need a wired or wireless connection.

  1. Wired connection-

This needs a wired framework. Your computer will be connected to the modem through a wire. More slots may be there to connect other computers and they all will be connected to the modem through a wire.

Pros of wired connection-

    • No other computer at your home can use your IP

    • Lesser data loss compared to wireless

Cons of wired connection-

    • You can’t connect other devices e.g smartphones/tablets
    • Shifting your attached computer can really be a task
    • Ethernet node problem
    • Connectivity issues if wires get damaged

2) Wireless connection

Wireless connections are of two types –

  1. Broadband Wifi-

    This has a modem such as  a wired connection but has an emitting antenna for signals. You have to install suitable drivers on your computer (same as for wired connection) and internet is connected. It depends on the provider how many devices you can use.

  2. Dongle-

    Dongles are best if you don’t have a broadband service provider in your area or you are travelling or away from your home broadband. Dongles also come in two types-

    • Without wifi-

      These dongles are directly connected to the computer. They have a driver in their memory which is installed automatically and internet starts functioning.

    • With wifi-

      Dongles with wifi emit signals so that other devices can also be connected to internet. You can take them with you anywhere.

Never use a public wifi for earning money online.

I hope this article helped you moving ahead to make money online.

I wish you great success making money online.

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