Clixsense PTC site Changed – How to See It

clixsense PTC site changed

PTC sites are the most popular medium on internet to earn money. The main reason being so popular is that these sites require neither any investment nor any specific skill to start earning. If you are looking some extra money in your pocket then PTC sites are the best to start with.

Anyone who needs some extra income can join a PTC site. Payment is done through online payment processors.

You need not have any specific skill to earn money on PTC sites. They pay you by showing some advertisement on their site. Those ads are provided by different advertisers and PTC sites charge a fee to show those ads on their platform. Then these PTC sites give the user (you) a part of advertiser’s amount for viewing the ad. It’s that simple.

About Clixsense

Clixsense was born in February 2007 as a PTC site which was later converted to a GPT site. It provided various earning opportunities e.g. PTC ads, clixgrid, tasks, offers, clixaddon surveys, games and clixresearch.

Clixsense is one of the oldest PTC site which pays daily to its members. It is not available to all the countries and members of some country get more opportunity than the others based on clixsense priority system.

First I will explain the various methods available till 17th July 2017 on clixsense to earn money. This will be then followed by recent changes in clixsense.

If you don’t have an account on clixsense click below image to signup and start earning right away.


Various Methods to Earn from Clixsense –


clixsense PTC site changed -

These are the ads shown by clixsense. Clicking these ads for the given specific time (3 sec – 2 min) you earn money as specified in the ad. Number of ads vary on depending on your account type and country.



clixsense PTC site changed -

This is a luck based game in clixsense. A matrix of n*n depending on your account type opens with clickable grids. A standard member gets 30 chances everyday and a premium member gets 50 chances. You can get money or more clixgrid chances, when you win.



Clixsense PTC site changed -

There are around 11 types of offers provided by clixsense. Every offer has different thing to do which can vary from but not limited to listening music, sign up on a website, taking trials of a product, surveys etc. Their earning are shown on the offers.

You need to login to your clixsense account and click the offers tab to see the available offers for you.



Clixsense PTC site changed -

span style=”font-weight: 400;”>As an individual this is the best way to earn on clixsense. There are lots of companies who are creating or updating various database. You help them in their work and they pay you. Earning of every task is also provided which varies. These are very easy tasks. Find the one that suits you and get started earning the extra money.


Clixsense PTC site change - is a website owned by clixsense specifically designed for surveys. When you register on clixsense your account is automatically created on You can login over there and start earning by completing surveys.


8 Level Downline

Clixsense provided the opportunity to earn referral commission upto 8 levels.

Premium Membership

You can upgrade your standard account by spending only $17 an year and become premium member. Premium member means more ads and bonus rewards.

Clixsense PTC Site Changed

Above was the status of clixsense till 17 July 2017.

A lot has changed 17 July 2017 onwards.


What happened-

Clixsense admin has stated that due to several reasons it had to change the way clixsense used to work till yet. Clixsense was started as a PTC site which provided the users an earning opportunity by clicking ads. Later it was converted into a GPT site which included tasks, surveys and offers as an earning opportunity.

Since 17 July 2017 clixsense made lots of changes regarding earning opportunities. All the changes are given below.


  1. PTC ads removed-

     The core idea behind clixsense was PTC ads. Although earning through these ads was not too much but if a user has a good downline (referrals) he earnings were good. 

  2. Clixgrid removed-

    Clixgrid game was also a part of PTC which shows the ads and then it shows whether you won something or not. As ads are no more an earning opportunity by clixsense so is the clixgrid. Clixgrid has also been removed from clixsense. 

  3. Only one membership type-

    Previously clixsense had two types of account as described above. After the change has been made there is no more premium account concept in clixsense. There is only one type of account. Account upgradation was stopped on 01 July 2017 and those who upgraded in 24hrs just before 01 July had been refunded.

  4. Prorated refund of Premium accounts- 

    As per clixsense admin any member who purchased premium membership in last year will receive a prorated refund for any unused portion of their upgrade. This refund will be credited back to your account balance on or shortly after 15 July 2017. The amount of prorated refund will be credited at 4.5 cents per day remaining on your premium account.

  5. Multi level downline removed-

    Previously members earn commissions up to 8 level referrals. After this change they will lose commissions beyond 1st level. Every member on clixsense can have only direct referrals. This change seems an attempt to remove the tag of an MLM from clixsense. 

  6. Commissions increased-

    To compensate the removal of premium membership and 8 tier affiliate program clixsense has increased the commission from referrals. Previously it was 5% for standard members and 10% for premium members. Now it is 20%. That means standard members’ commission has increased 200% and premium members’ commission has increased 100%. This means as a standard member previously if your referral earns $100, you get $5 but now you will get $20. 

  7. Minimum cashout $10-

    Previously minimum cashout was $8 which has been increased to $10. But now seeing the increased earning opportunity on clixsense this $10 can be earned very easily, if you really want to.



Why you should Join Clixsense after recent change

  1. You need some extra income
  2. Everyone is equal. No more premium account.
  3. Commissions are increased 200%
  4. You have lost your money in quick get rich schemes
  5. You know someone who is in need of extra income

Why you should not join Clixsense after recent change

  1. You want to earn only from PTC ads
  2. Your parent are rich and you are satisfied with that
  3. You like quick get rich schemes

How to Increase Your Earnings on Clixsense After Recent Change

Earning opportunities have increased 200% after recent changes in clixsense. To start your earning on clixsense follow the below procedure.

Sign up on Clixsense

First you need to become member of clixsense. Click on the below image to signup on clixsense.

Fundsbase has created a Clixsense Earning guide step by step to show how you can increase your earnings on clixsense.

After signing up on clixsense, fill the below form with your username and email id registered on clixsense.

If your username is validated successfully by clixsense, you will receive a clixsense money making guide completely free of cost.


If you follow properly and earn on clixsense you will receive more motivational earning guidelines for clixsense.

You will also receive updates from Fundsbase to take your earnings to next level.

You can even quit your 9-5 job when earning more than that.

Note- Clixsense is not a quick get rich scheme. Initially it will take sometime to earn a good amount but later rewards are very high.

Fundsbase wishes you great success making money online.

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