Why I chose to earn online?

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I decided to share with this world why I chose to earn online and here is the reason. I had a very well planned and a very organised career as project scientist who was earning more than sufficient money to fulfill his desires till April2015. I had big dreams and all the passion to achieve those dreams I had set in the scientific field in India. A mistake happened in Feb2012 which was projected as a crime by authorities. That blunder stalked and haunted me till April 2015 and finally concluded as my termination from my project. I felt bad because I was terminated but I felt worse to know that I was terminated by the persons who were nowwhere near to the work I did in research (I could not publish).

That termination led me to analyze the thought process of the academic institution I was working in and the reserach organization I was handling the project of. I could visualize that I would not be satisfied with the research work I would do in PhD and to do something which doesn’t gives satisfaction is actually dishonesty to one self.

Then I decided to drop my PhD as well and discard all my marksheets and certificates. I also decided not to do a job and that PhD, marksheets and certificates were going to lead me to a job one day. I didn’t want to get surrounded by people who with his/her own life experiences and perspectives judge me or mirror their own thoughts on me or in the worst case the opposite. No one likes being forced to do something.

So what I did during May2015 to May2017?

I started selling a wellness product. Learnt everything to get business started up. When I compared that others are doing much well even when they are putting half the efforts I realized it wasn’t my cup of tea. Still I gave it a year May2015 to May 2016. Then returned to my home town.

I learnt couple of other things as well but none worked. In Jan2017 I saw an opportunity to earn online and gave it a try. Paused for a some weeks then again gave it a try. For last two month I am doing it and can see that it does give result.

I wanted to share all that I learnt. That thought process landed me developing this blog. All focus of this blog will be to share various genuine ways to earn online. One just has to have an internet connection and a computer.

I wish you great success making money online.
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