5 Reasons Why You Should Not Try Earning Online

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Let’s accept that at some point of time in your life you had thought to achieve something. You tried for that thing or not that’s another point and whether your way to achieve that dream was realistic or not should also be considered.

I firmly believe that if you want something and have correct intentions and put efforts in the direction to achieve it, as a consequence one of two things definitely happen. Either you achieve that dream or you learn why you didn’t achieve. One has to pay close attention towards it. If you are patient enough with your failures and still believe your philosophies and beliefs, despite everyone around trying to make you believe lies, you learn something very precious. You learn to ask question yourself and your subconscious won’t lie to you, after all it’s your only friend. A question! Why is everyone so much interested to make you believe a lie? Why everyone wants you to believe what they believe? Are you rigid enough to hold on what you know and is right?

Today’s article surrounds a very basic psychology of mass movements. Lots of people do something because everyone else is doing that something and why those others are doing that something because others are doing that something. It applies to online earning as well. Before thinking to earn online and be a part of mass movement you must know why you want to earn. Earning money is not that difficult, developing your thought process to earn money in a way you want, is difficult.

I hope you have read my article why I chose to earn online and 10 reasons why you should earn online and have found your reasons to earn money. Have you noted it down somewhere safely to hammer you in giving up situation? If not yet then pause reading this article and do it now. You can come back and resume later. Now that you have noted down your reasons somewhere let’s take it a step further and dig out reasons why you should not try to earn online or to be precise what reasons will hold you back earning online.

1) Your parent/spouse is rich and you are satisfied with that

Its gives quite financial freedom to have rich parent/spouse but if you are satisfied with that and don’t want to do something of your own then online earning is definitely not for you. It takes some time to earn satisfying amount online but you already have much more in your pocket right now. Try, only if you want to make something of your own.

2) You are impatient

You hear an earning plan from someone and instead of analysing that plan to understand whether it’s for you or not, what are the pros and cons of that plan, you just jump in and start doing it and finally when you don’t get the desired results within days you give up just because you listened another plan from someone else and that plan was more alluring. For online earning you need to follow a plan for required days and that plan will definitely give you the success that you need to believe. No hidden conditions.

3) You believe getting success via shortcuts

Long term success can’t be achieved by shortcuts, probably everyone has listened about this thing but have you actually understood what a shortcut means. Have you really…? You need to understand what a shortcut is. If getting success seems quite easy in short period, it’s definitely a shortcut or with hidden conditions. It takes time to make that ‘success’ believe, that you really want it. That success will test your patience and willpower and if you qualify, fruits will all be yours. No, online earning doesn’t require any hard work but it does require a consistent plan. Just 30 min a day can make you achieve something you really want, no hidden conditions.

4) You don’t like making & following plans

If you don’t have a habit to make a plan start it by just doing something very easy at a specific time everyday e.g. having your food or coffee or taking shower anything which you do every day but not at a specific time, This will develop a habit to plan things. Then you need not put efforts to plan things instead you will start liking to plan things. To get success its very important to follow the plan regularly. As a startup you can plan to read this blog everyday at a specific time of your convenience.

5) You are not honest to yourself

The most important thing. Today as a part of mass movement you will see scammers are getting success but they are haunted night and day that their fraud will get caught one day, it doesn’t matter how much they boast, they know they are wrong and it’s a truth. So, to hide their one fraud they do another fraud and this cycle never ends. You have to be very honest to yourself, why you are not getting success when others are getting. Write those points honestly and see if they can be fixed. If you can’t fix them get someone’s help. If none can fix them it’s not you cup of tea and you are just wasting your time for a miracle to happen. Find something else that appeals to your heart/brain. The point is that, whether the money you are making or the success you are getting is giving you pleasure and true satisfaction or the opposite, just be honest to yourself.

Now that you have gone through the reasons, I also want to state, if you have found yourself in any of the above category but you are willing to come out of that category, success is all yours to earn online.

I wish you great success making money online.
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